Lets make eggnog!

Christmas is coming.  The tree is up.  The gifts are all organised (almost), and I’ve started working out the menu for Christmas lunch.  And as I’ve thought about hams and puddings and prawns and salads, I’ve remembered the eggnog incident of 2008.

It was the week before Christmas.  Friends had come over for dinner and as we chatted about all things Christmasey, the talk turned to eggnog.  None of us had ever tried it,  eggnog’s not a big thing in Australia, so I had a bright idea and said,  “Lets make some now!”

I wasn’t entirely sure what went into eggnog, apart from egg and milk and brandy.  Or rum.  Tracey had more of an idea.  She said there was cream and sugar too.  It all seemed easy enough, except for the brandy and rum, which we didn’t have.  But we did have Bailey’s Irish Cream.

We thought we’d start with a small amount, just a couple of cups worth.  So I grabbed the smallest mixing bowl and we whisked our ingredients, with a healthy dash of Bailey’s, until our eggnog was light and fluffy.  Then we stood back and admired it.  Perfect.

“Are we supposed to warm it up now?”  My mind flashed back to countless American Christmas movies where people come in from the cold, shaking snow from their coats as someone hands them a glass of eggnog to warm them up.

“I think so,” said Tracey.

So we stuck it in the microwave for sixty seconds.

You know where this is going, don’t you….

When the timer dinged we opened the microwave door and I wondered if eggnog was supposed to smell like that.  We pulled out the bowl…and we stared.

The egg had started to set.

We hadn’t made eggnog.

We’d cooked a bloody mini-quiche!!

I have since learned that eggnog is served cold.  Or at most, warmed gently on the stove top.

Not baked in the microwave.

I still haven’t tasted eggnog.  But if you’re looking for something different to serve your guests this Christmas, I can give you the recipe for a mean Bailey’s Quiche 🙂


I’m working on a Christmas scene from Over The Edge and I’ll be posting it here on the blog in the coming days.  So if you’d like to know what Angus has under the tree for Zoe, stay tuned….  🙂