About Me

100_2882I’d like to be able to tell you something really interesting here.  Something like, my hobby is juggling flaming chain saws.  Or that I once roller skated across Europe wearing a feather boa.  But I can’t.  Although there was that time I abseiled down the cliffs overlooking Sydney Harbour.   At night.  That was pretty interesting.  Until my hair got caught in the descender device.

So, when I’m not nearly scalping myself in abseiling mishaps…

I live in Sydney with my husband and children.  By day I work in an office where I quietly scribble story ideas on yellow sticky notes and hope they don’t accidentally end up on the departmental monthly report.  Through a stroke of incredible good fortune, those sticky notes have turned into Over the Edge and Starcrossed.

Oh, and I do own a feather boa.  It’s purple.