Guest Post – “The Contract” by Melanie Moreland

The Contract 2

“The Contract” is the latest novel by Melanie Moreland and I was excited to talk to her recently about what this new story has in store for us.

Richard van Ryan is a tyrant by day and a playboy by night. Katherine Elliot is the PA who only tolerates him because she needs the job to achieve her goals. But Richard has goals of his own and shocks Katherine when he offers her something she never expected; a new role with a personal contract – fiancee instead of PA.
What happens when two people who loathe each other have to live together, and make the world believe they’re madly in love?


 Have you ever had to work for someone like Richard?

Unfortunately, yes. However, he never asked me to marry him, and he never changed. He is a complete ass still, but making someone else’s life miserable. It was so bad I had to change jobs. I tried to make sure Richard was still human enough, he could be redeemed. The man I worked for had no conscience, soul, or heart. Enough said? LOL


The Contract is your fourth novel and Richard is quite different from your other leading men.  Was it a challenge to write a character that you knew your readers might hate?

It was a challenge in that I didn’t want them to hate him so much that they would put the book down in disgust, but I wanted to show him as he was, and then show his growth. For a short time I was in a very bad place in my life and looked at everything in anger and detachment. After things got better, I wondered how someone who knew nothing but detachment would react to actually feeling something. Richard was born. It took a while for he and I to become friends…but eventually we did.


Do you have a favourite scene from the book, and if so, can you share?

My favorite scene, well one of them, is when Katy tells him off for the first time. My most favorite line in the whole book is “You want to fuck someone? Go fuck yourself VanRyan.” His reaction is one of shock, and both he and the readers see a different side to Katy. And I love the parts when Penny teases him and it makes him smile. His human side begins to emerge.


You have been writing for several years now.  What is the most valuable thing you have learned along the way?

That’s a hard one. Perhaps to trust my own gut instinct. It is hard when people give you their opinion, suggesting things that they see your characters saying or doing. I had actually changed a few scenes in the book, then went back and put them right. And a lesson I am still learning is trying not to compare myself with other authors and their work. We all are different, and we all have our strengths. I have to remember that more.


What’s next for Melanie Moreland?

A break. LOL. I have to have some surgery and I won’t have the use of my right arm for a long time. I have tried writing with voice software and it just does not work for me. So I will take a break and when ideas come use the old peck and find with the left hand to get the ideas out. I have some chapters written for the next book, an outline for one after and a long plan for a series. I hope to get to all of them!


Thanks for chatting Melanie, and good luck with the surgery. I know your readers will be looking forward to hearing more from you as soon as you’ve got the ‘old peck and find’ under control 🙂

“The Contract” is available now on Amazon.

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