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  1. Ginger says:

    Love the site! Mind you, I started reading the latest posts and just kept going, thinking ‘wow, there’s a lot of posts in April…’ until I finally looked at the little lettering and realized I was on the first posting. You know, in February. I’ve always enjoyed author’s notes and hearing about the behind-the-scenes incidents and travails. It’s kind of like the extras on a dvd for me.
    Well, you will be the first contemporary romance I believe I’ve ever purchased and, I think, read. I’ve always gone the historical route. Being born and reared in the South (U.S.A.) has made it difficult to deal with some of the mannerisms and behavior in modern books because they seemed rude and crass to me which just turned me off to the character. (I’ve been desensitized by now since I started reading fanfiction – you probably know what I mean. :)) I’ll just have to wait for the next paycheck!
    Thank you so much for all the hard work involved in writing the book and this site and all associated effort – I have a feeling I’ll be adding a new author to my bookshelves. 😉

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