You’re Kidding Me, Right?

What’s in a name?

Of course, I knew writing a novel would be a challenge.  I knew, from previous attempts, there’d be times when the words refused to come.  Or my characters mightn’t behave as I wanted them to.  But one of the biggest, and definitely most unexpected, challenges, was trying to find names for fictitious organisations or landmarks.

Everything’s taken, I tell you.  Everything.  I discovered this during one particular late-night writing session.

It was during an early draft of Over the Edge.  Zoe was thinking of joining an environmental group.  I’d called them The Green Alliance.  They weren’t a big part of the story.  Just a single line.  But when I did a quick check on the name, Google revealed it was already taken.  The Green Alliance is an environmental think tank in the UK.

Okay, so my first choice wasn’t going to work.  That was fine.  I wasn’t preturbed and I quickly came up with another name.  Tree Warriors.  But it turns out Tree Warriors is a stump removal company in Victoria.  And apparently Nature First is a supplier of semi-mature trees in Gloucester while Green Future offers surveillance on fibre optic cable routes in Africa.  So I took a deep breath, got myself a cup of tea and kept searching.

Project Planet, Planet Project, The Green Lobby, Eco First, Earth Watch…all gone.  I didn’t have this much trouble naming my children.

One Planet, Earth First, One Earth, Eco Warriors…the list went on.  And on.

Night slipped into the early hours of a new day and, finally, with a slightly hysterical laugh, I decided to call my environmental group Penguins for Peace. Because that couldn’t be already taken, right?


Penguins for Peace is part of a larger environmental group called Peace by Peace.

I nearly choked on my tea.  And that was when I decided to send Zoe to sushi classes instead.

Maybe I should have sent her on a photography course, because then I could make a smooth segue to this latest picture teaser below 🙂   But in the absence of such a segue, I’ll just say…. here’s the latest visual clue from Over the Edge  🙂  Hope you like it.

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